Heather J. Webster


Heather has been taking photos, as a hobby, for the best part of 30 years. She started with a basic fixed lens camera, using black and white 35mm film. In the last couple of years, she has fully embraced digital photography, and after a short course, has become more comfortable with taking and editing colour photos.

Some people specialise in a particular area of photography - but Heather hasn’t found a specialty, and enjoys:

In addition to taking photos and giving them a gentle tweak, Heather also likes to play around with images, by creating composites, changing the colour of the subject, tracing an image and essentially turning it into something resembling a cartoon / basic drawing.

Click on an image below, to open the mini gallery:

(Heather will change around this mini gallery - adding and / or removing images - as and when she has different photos to share)

Please note: the domain www.heatherjwebster.photography currently directs users here, as an interim measure, while Heather takes the time to build up a portfolio, which she hopes to sell her best images through.